Our Fragrances

Almond Crème: Reminds me of Jergen’s Lotion.

Amazing Grace: Like Philosophy. Lemon sparkle, delicate lily, Italian bergamot.

Apple Cider: A fall blend of light green citrus followed with hints of apple slices and orange peel on a base of hot cinnamon and warm musk.

Baby Powder: The familiar clean fresh scent of baby powder.

Beautiful: Like the perfume.

Bergamot & Tarragon: Spa-like fragrance with top notes of tarragon leaves, grapefruit and lime.

Black Cherry: The irresistible scent of mouth-watering, juicy black cherries.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: Bright citrus top notes with lush black raspberry accented with crisp green tones and hints of wild rose and a base of clear musk intertwines with soft wood.

Butt Naked: A fruity floral blend that combines green apples, spicy pears, honeydew melon and strawberries with light accents of cherry with soft, floral and creamy vanilla undertones.

Cherry Almond: Mixture of cherries and almond.

China Rain: Clean rose petals, wisteria, and cyclamen.

Cinnamon Buns: Fresh, warm and buttery cinnamon-laced yeast rolls topped with an irresistible sugary icing.

Cinnamon: cinnamon and warm cloves.

Citrus Odor Eliminator: A refreshing blend of lemon, orange, and bright grapefruit combines with an odor eliminating agent to create a clean fragrance that is sparkling while it freshens the air.

Clove: Warm spice notes flourish in this rich, sophisticated rendition of clove oil. Clove oil is a traditional ingredient in fine perfumes and products.

Cool Water (Davidoff type): Fresh citrus and crisp ozone tones combine with juicy bergamot. Lavender, spice, and cedar combine at the heart of the fragrance as fresh notes of balsam lift the senses. Orange flower adds a refined undertone while sweet amber, soft musk, and precious wood carry the fragrance to a soft finish. Inspired by Davidoff® fragrance.

Dragon’s Blood: A deep, sultry, spicy floral-citrus fragrance with a mulled orange rind top-note, a floral heart of geranium, rose, lily, orange blossom and star anise, finishing with a heavy, powdery vanilla-musk, spicy clove, and patchouli dry-down.

Eucalyptus: Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint: Herbal blend of Eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers and a hint of sage.

Fir Tree: Smells just like a tree.

Frankincense & Myrrh: This sensual blend combines warm dry woods with patchouli and balsam. Myrrh and olibanum are added for exotic appeal while lingering tones of Arabian musk and sandalwood create softness.

Fresh Brewed Coffee: Fresh brewed coffee with hints of cocoa beans.

Fruit Slices: A burst of orange and the sparkle of fresh fruity tones are added to green highlights to create this natural scent, with a blend of lush berries and creamy undertones of fruit pulp.

Gardenia: A beautiful scent that captures the essence of a gardenia flower in bloom. Sweet notes of neroli blossom, jasmine and magnolia billow into a cloud of white musk.

Gingerbread: Ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla create this familiar holiday scent loved by many.

Green Tea: Steeping green tea leaves.

Hazelnut Coffee: A wonderful, inviting coffeehouse aroma expertly blended with vanilla hazelnut.

Hippie Incense: Patchouli, Sandalwood with hints of strawberry and raspberry and a drop of peppermint.

Honeysuckle: Imagine a garden full of Honeysuckle and Hummingbirds on a spring morning.

Hot Apple Pie: Delectable notes burst from this hot, fresh out of the oven apple pie scent. All the goodness you would expect from an apple pie for your enjoyment.

Hot Cocoa: Warm cocoa blended with sweet vanilla and whipped cream.

Hyacinth: Like freshly picked flowers.

Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW type): Blooming floral tones are brightened with hints of spice in this luxurious blend. Cherry blossom and freesia unfold to reveal a dramatic blend of lush woods, including sandalwood, oak, and fruitwood. A background of clear musk and dark amber creates a lingering sensuality that carries the scent to a soft finish. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.

Jasmine: A heady, fragrant jasmine type, opening with a dewy-ozonic top-note, followed by a rose petal, jasmine, and white plumeria heart, and finishing with a green, twig-like base-note.

Kudzu: A fruity green floral consisting of wild strawberries and red grapes surrounded with soft florals of geranium and white rose on a warm musky background.

Lavender: Very Relaxing.

Lavender Spa: Amazing.

Leather: The familiar scent of fresh leather. Clean and nostalgic. The Wild West.

Lemon: Bright citrus oils of lemon and orange.

Lemongrass Kiwi: Lemon, Lemongrass, Juicy Apple, Kiwi, and orange zest.

Love Spell (Victoria’s Secret type): This lush citrus blend is sweetened with hints of berry and surrounded with floral tones of lavender and green stems for freshness. A shimmering musk undertone adds sensuality. Inspired by Victoria’s Secret Love Spell fragrance.

Mango Papaya: An uplifting tropical blend of sun-kissed mango and juicy papaya.

Mistletoe & Ivy: Holiday Mistletoe.

Monkey Farts: A complex combination of grapefruit, orange and banana.

Moonlight Path (BBW type): Bergamot and sweet violet unfold into a soft amber accented with ylang-ylang and carnation. Sweet vanilla, white woods, and musk offer a powdery finish. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Mulberry: Classic mulberry enhanced with sweet oranges, wild cherries and crushed berries with a light, sweet vanilla nuance.

Muscadine: Aroma of fresh grapes, blackberries, and woodsy base notes.

Nag Champa: Exotic and earthy fragrance that is popular for its nostalgic familiarity. Oriental blend of exotic flowers, spices, balsam, and woods.

Obsessed: A very sexy designer fragrance for women.

Orange Push-Up: A bright scent with juicy, sweet orange, exotic Hawaiian pineapple, and tropical red fruits swirled in a pool of creamy vanilla.

Patchouli: Warm patchouli is balanced with clove and vetiver for earthy appeal will take you back to the 60’s and 70’s.

Peppermint: This sparkling clean and refreshing fragrance is a classic blend of peppermint with light nuances of warm vanilla.

Plumeria: Fruity and Floral. Plumeria flowers.

Pumpkin Pie: Fresh pumpkin topped with sweet spices.

Red Velvet Cake: You just want to take a bite of it.

Rose: A sensuous blend of rose and velvety sweetness. Rosebuds are surrounded by delicate green tones to captivate the senses. A cloud of vanilla surrounds the floralcy.

Sandalwood: A bouquet of cedar and sandalwood.

Sex on the Beach: A classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh oranges and peaches with tart cranberries and sweetened with hints of vanilla.

Spiced Orange: Orange and spices.

Strawberry Passion: Fresh ripened strawberry with bottom notes of cotton candy and french vanilla.

Sweetgrass: Fresh cut grass and clover.

Sweet Pea (BBW type): Bright combination of juicy berries and ripe pears followed with hints of spring florals and a dry down of soft musk and light woody notes. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea fragrance.

Tomato Leaf: An herbal, garden-fresh fragrance, with a dewy citrus grapefruit, bergamot and subtle fruity top-note, a tomato leaf, wild-herb and gentle floral middle-note, with a moist, musky-earthen, twig-like base-note.

Twilight Woods (BBW type): Sparkling citrus highlights this woody bouquet. Warm woody tones of cedar and oak balance with soft floral tones to create a fresh woodland sensation at the heart of the scent. Golden sweet amber and a hint of vanilla bean intertwine with clear musky tones at the base of the scent. Inspired by Bath & Body Works type fragrance.

Unscented – Uncolored

Very Vanilla: A very warm and rich, buttery vanilla fragrance with a slight touch of cream.

Vetiver: Vetiver, Myrrh, rose, galbanum, pine, and cedarwood. An aroma all its own, a unique slightly masculine accord.

Warm Vanilla Sugar (BBW type): Vanilla and sandalwood are surrounded with whispers of soft floral nuances. Inspired by Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance.

Welcome Home for Christmas: Cinnamon and clove blend with holiday berries, icy peppermint, and evergreen to create this complex holiday scent.

Wisteria: Smells like the fresh flowers.